ANZ Hot Shots Play Days (social junior challenge)

This is a fantastic program that provides players from 5yrs onwards to experience playing matches using modified equipment and rules appropriate for your age and standard, employing the ANZ HOT SHOTS modelling. It is also an opportunity for experienced older players to gain valuable match play practise.

Junior Competition

Junior competition is run on a Saturday morning where you will represent Montrose or Chirnside Park Tennis Club and compete against other clubs in the Eastern Region Tennis association.

Junior competition accommodates players up to 18 years of age. After, players can progress to senior competitions.

Pennant Competition

Pennant competition is a high level competition run during the winter months aimed at testing a players ability against the best players in the state.

If you are interested in pennant competition, please contact Graeme Hill or the club pennant secretary.

Night Competition

Night competition is available at Montrose and Chirnside Park Tennis Club. If interested please contact Graeme or night tennis representative for current opportunities.